- August 31st, 2014
Anonymous asked:
Hello! Can I use your art for my icon/theme/etc? I'll leave your name and give credit, of course-- If it's fine with you. Also, what brush do you use for shading? Whenever I try to shade, it ends up looking too solid or too soft. Sorry for all the questions, I love your art haha

sorry for the late reply! ; v ;
yes with credit you’re free to use my art for those! :3
and here are my SAI tools. when i shade i often use the flat brush for hard edges and marker for softer blend :D
thank you and have a nice day! ^^

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- August 28th, 2014

i can’t believe i let shayepurr talk me into this *shakes fist*

my old mascot personified, next to his alter ego and Sha’s mascot ; v ;

- August 14th, 2014

if you’re into super soldiers being cute with animals you should totally check out colnchen's PTSD comics. It gives me life (and diabetes O|-<)

- August 09th, 2014
Anonymous asked:
Just want to say ur voice is beautiful uwu

aaaaaAAA.. *flails and falls over*

- August 09th, 2014
Anonymous asked:
i liked listening to your voice

soBS thank you ; A ; my ducky voice…

- August 09th, 2014
Anonymous asked:

om g i do but they’re rly weirrd and i only have like one that’s kinda decent, mostly voicing Davesprite. and they’re not actually podfics?? like i only do the dialogues not the narration. they’re still weird ( / m \)

- August 09th, 2014
Anonymous asked:
I really like your voice :3 can you read me bedtime stories?

thank you ////m/// what kind of bedtime stories? my voice actually gets a bit scratchy if i use it too long i’m a literal duck O|-< (but i still love voicing fanfiction aloud lmao)

- August 09th, 2014
TRACK: voice meme thing

Played 720 times

for this voice meme. god i’m sorry i’m boring as heck O|-< and i tried to make myself sound lighter bc my casual voice sounds a bit gravelly on recording ; v ;

- August 04th, 2014
Anonymous asked:
wow you are pretty much posting art for everything that I love. how dare u. stop being such a great artist. (btw you're a cutie and have a nice day).

nO how dare u be such a cute anon


- July 27th, 2014

my true otp: milk/bucky