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my true otp: milk/bucky

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It’s Cantonese!! She says I haven’t seen you for a while, something about not being sure if it’s them, please contact me I haven’t heard from you in a long time, how have you been? …..stuff along the lines of that, I hope I wasn’t intruding!!

aw thanks!! ; r ;

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- July 21st, 2014
Anonymous asked:
What does it say in English? Just change underscore to period. Thanks. vocaroo_com/i/s1L0NdId6Cvg


ok i actually have no idea what they’re saying, or if it’s Vietnamese at all. might sound like a dialect we have, but yeah, nooo idea =]]]

- July 20th, 2014

i haven’t watched tokyo ghoul but i just wanted to try drawing this guy

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painting practice that looks suspiciously like a teacher/student AU

#hmmm #HMMMMMMM #bucky barnes switching foster families halfway through the 9th grade#leaving the state and then coming back in the 11th grade with a new foster family #teachers and students being shocked at what the fuck happened to the sweet barnes kid in two years #and everyone just leaves him alone because he’s unstable and desperately unhappy and violent #and there’s talk of sending him to one of those reform high schools for the delinquents in the school district #but mr. rogers the art teacher vehemently says ‘no we can’t give up’ #and over months and months of slowly rebuilding a bond with this student #steve gathers enough information and evidence to put together a hefty argument for CPS #containing allegations of criminal dealings and child abuse for the foster family that took bucky in those couple of years #the lawyers for the other side accuse steve of sexual exploitation and conditioning #and although they’re totally unfounded steve still ends up getting fired #but bucky ends up in the custody of one of the attorneys on steve’s side #and steve knows that bucky will be safe with natasha and both he and nat agree that it’s best if he and bucky are separated for a while #so steve moves away to live with sam in virginia #and since he can’t teach anymore he helps out at the VA with sam and works on his physical therapy certification #couple of years later bucky shows up on the doorstep #’hey. i got accepted into johns hopkins. bioengineering. can i come in?’ - via requiodile


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Anonymous asked:
So someone sent voice messages in viet. Can you tell me what they mean in english? If you don't mind I'll link them.

lmao ok :)

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Anonymous asked:
Well hello there you mighty fine artist you *waggles eyebrows* even though I highly doubt I've ever seen them, you should know I like the colour of your eyes. They're a nice blue, green, orange rainbow colour and that really pulls me in y'know?

u mean these eyes

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painting practice that looks suspiciously like a teacher/student AU

- July 16th, 2014
deerna asked:
I'm so happy you caught the Bucky-fever too, you've been one of my fav artists for some time now (your doomed dave is still among my top 3 favvest pieces of art ever) and seeing him in your style is one of the best things ever ~ (your icon is super cute too)

yes… i’ve come down with the Bucky-fever… it’s fatal… goodbye friendsimage

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Not to mention same birthday… what magic is this?? ;; A ;;

a very good kind

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